Candle Care

At Karma Kandles we use only premium non-toxic, food grade soy waxes. Soy cleans easily with hot soapy water.

We use lead-free, 100% cotton wicks, which after a couple of hours (2-4) of use the wick can mushroom at the top. If so gently pinch/cut off the top when re-lighting or trim after extended use. Proper trimming and a little TLC with your wicks will ensure a clean and efficient burn, extending the time you get to enjoy your Karma Kandles.

Never burn a soy Candle for more than 4 hours at one time without ensuring it is burning correctly and the wick is properly trimmed (approx. 7mm from the wax).

Never leave your Candles unattended, and always place your Candles on a heat-proof surface (one of our mosaic plates work a treat and look great)

Always keep your wick trimmed (7mm from the wax) and always ensure your wick is upright and centred before lighting.

Always snuff or dip your wick, don’t blow!!!! Dipping is the preferred method of extinguishing our Karma Kandles. Gently lay the wick down in the liquid wax and stand it back upright again ready for the next lighting. You will notice by doing this, there is very little to no smoke. Do not put the lid back over to extinguish, this tends to cause smoke, and it embeds the smoke aroma into the wax.

Never let your Candle burn dry. Leave a minute amount (1-2mm) of wax in the bottom.