Funky Fragrances

Coastal Funk have a wide selection of scents including a range of fragrances exclusive to us!

Exclusive Fragrances

Capturing the uniqueness of the Capricorn Coast in Queensland, Australia where Coastal Funk calls home, these fragrances are exclusive to the Coastal Funk range of products.

Yeppoon Sunrise – A beautiful tropical mixture of Mango, Kiwi, Passion Fruit with notes of hidden secrets that takes you back to the morning stroll along our magical beaches at sunrise.

Cap Coast Cooler – A Coconut and fresh citrus blend that will allow you to breathe in the tropical serenity from our spectacular coastal community.

Good Karma – With hints of Green apple fused with fresh top notes inspiring a direct path to a happy place. Excellent for mediation and relaxation.

Beach Bum – This one says it all…Light and fresh with our secret tropical combo, a reminder of your days “bumming“around our local salt air with the ultra fine soft sand between your toes 🙂

Keppel Moon – A combination of musk mixed with our secret relaxation components. Very smooth and just a bit romantic!! Just picture the full moon rising up from behind the Keppel Islands.

Byfield Rainforest – Takes you straight to the bush tracks of Byfield. This scent will awaken your senses combining the floral and rain forest aromas.

Coastal Crush – Our own special melon blend meets the Coast, hints of floral and a little piece of heaven!

Salty Kisses – A refreshing Sea Salt infusion of Crushed Lime, Orange Zest, Amber and Saffron.

Tropical Paradise – An exotic blend of Lemon and Lime, Pomegranate and Pineapple with hints of Jasmine.

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Other Fragrances

Coastal Funk have a wide selection of fragrances each more funky than the last.

Agave Nectar

Sparkling Citrus, Melon, Peach, Apple, Dewy Green, Pineapple and Lime Zest with middle notes of Tahitian Coconut, tart Berries and florals of Rose, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Lily, Violet, Lilac, Cyclamen, Green Leaves, Herbs and Mint. the base notes of this fragrance are woody combined with Sheer Musks and Amber and Sharp Green FoliageAmazon Grape Ripe grape is blended with tart plum notes and a hint of sweet strawberry to create this enticing fruit fragrance.

Angel Whispers A light musk base provides a warm background for the sweet floral notes of jasmine, violet, and peony, with light top notes of mandarin and bergamot.

Antique Sandalwood jasmine, violet, and peony, with light top notes of mandarin and bergamot.

Australian Sandalwood A rich woody blend with a true to life aroma. Australia has the largest natural resource in the world of Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) so this is the best Australian Sandalwood fragrance oil and know you will love this great blend.

Baby Powder The smell of a freshly bathed bub, all wrapped up and cuddly…White lilies, vanilla, amber and ivory musk make this a powdery fragrance!!

Bird of Paradise A calming tropical blend of sweet strawberries, pomegranate, sweet vanilla and coconut milk with undertones of rose petals and jasmine.

Black Bamboo and Lily A delicate blend from the Orient. Freshly cut black bamboo with soft notes of white flowers and lilies. A very neutral, woody fragrance sure to be liked by many.

Black Raspberry Delicious dark raspberries combine with sun sweetened blackberries to produce this amazingly strong scent. If you are searching for a strong raspberry scent – this is it.

Blueberry Muffin This fragrance smells just like a delicious, sweet muffin. Delicious, heady blueberries with hints of vanilla and dripping with melted butter.

Burnt Fig and Cassis The scent of sun warmed figs and delicate cassis is enhanced with notes of cedarwood and hyacinth. Has an excellent fragrance throw.

Butt Naked This enticing blend has base notes of honeydew melon and granny smith apples with middle notes of pears and strawberries and top notes of spice.

Cappuccino Hazelnut Fresh strong espresso combined with hot frothed milk and sugar in the raw.

Caramel Apple Cider Ripe harvest apple is mingled with freshly grated spices of cinnamon, clove, and a hint of nutmeg, and blended with creamy, melted caramel to create a delicious treat.

Chai Tea Wonderfully spicy and incredibly sweet, this warm aroma combines rich notes of Cardamom, Clove and Cinnamon with the creamy hints of vanilla and honey.

Champagne Secrets Perfect for that special occasion this fragrance smells just like bubbly champagne.

Chanel No. 5 Top notes include ylang ylang and iris; with mid notes of rose and jasmine; on base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. Instead of the scent of flowers, Coco wanted a perfume that “reflects my personality, something abstract and unique”. She believed that a perfume should serve to spotlight a woman’s natural beauty using contrast – i.e. the artificial perfume would make the woman’s natural beauty more evident.

Choc Mint Slice This fragrance smells good enough to eat. A mouth-watering combination of light delicious chocolate and peppermint, just like the real deal.

Cinnamon Apple This fruity spicy blend is boosted with essential oils of cinnamon bark, clove leaf and nutmeg combined with tangy apple and a light citrus top note.

Cinnamon Orange A strong orange and mandarin base with spicy notes of cinnamon and ginger. A great Christmas fragrance.

Cinnamon Vanilla A classic french vanilla with a hint of cinnamon.

Citronella Ceylon Citronella Ceylon has a well rounded lemon citrus scent, though it is much softer than actual Lemon. It also has subtle wood tones

Cocoa Therapy  WARNING!!!!!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!! If you love chocolate then you will absolutely love this fragrance!

Coconut This pure scented Coconut is reminiscent of a tropical island.

Coconut Lemongrass An exotic touch of Thailand. Tart, fruity top notes of pineapple, lemongrass and lime blend with a peachy middle, leading to a smooth finish of vanilla, sandalwood and coconut.

Coconut Lime The ultimate refresher. A tantalising fusion of fresh coconut, and lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. An irresistible classic.

Crème Brule A traditional base of vanilla custard with a hint of caramelised sugar.

Dragon’s Blood This mysterious, haunting and alluring blend is extremely sophisticated and complex. With warming notes of amber, incense and a touch of patchouli, our Dragons blood layers its scents to create a warm and alluring sought after fragrance.

Egyptian Musk Simply the muskiest, sexiest, most beguiling musk blend you will ever smell.

Frangipani A lovely bouquet of fruits combined with the warmth of black pepper and roses on a long lasting dry down.

Frankincense and Myrrh Enchanting aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh with balsam, spice, patchouli and sandalwood.

French Lavender Just like the picturesque French country side rich in lavender, this scent exhibits herbaceous rosemary with a touch of vanilla bean and timeless patchouli.

French Pear This variety of pear derive their name from the phrase, Doyenne du Comice, meaning, top of the show, as they are often celebrated as the best pear variety. Originating in France the fragrance is rich juicy and meltingly smooth.

French Vanilla – A sweet and buttery classic french vanilla with vanilla beans and tonka beans finished with a touch of butter and nuts.

Fresh Ginger and Green Tea – A clean invigorating aroma with the subtle notes of green tea and the spicy pungent notes of ginger blended with additional citrus notes of grapefruit and mandarin.

Fresh Linen – Fresh Laundry smell, reminiscent of the clean, soothing memory of clean sheets sun dried on a warm summer day.

Gardenia – The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note sweet and green and a floral body intense and rich truly capturing the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower.

Honey I’m Home – Sweet honey is blended with tart cranberry and hints of nutmeg, clove, and a hint of wintergreen. A strong and quite striking fragrance

Hot Baked Apple Pie – A winter favourite with slices of juicy apples, covered with brown sugar and cinnamon and embraced in a warm baked crust.

Lime and Coconut Cream – Bitter lime and lemon zest with a base of coconut cream and hints of vanilla and malt.

Marshmallow – Marshmallow is a sweet feminine fragrance oil orchestrated with notes of Musk, Vanilla andJasmine, delightfully soft, sweet and sugary with a beautiful finish of powdery vanilla. A yummy fragrance

Monkey Farts – A very fruity fragrance with top notes of Grapefruit, Almond, Lemon Zest, Banana, Sparkling Berries, mid notes of Pineapple, Guava, Passion Fruit, Cinnamon, Clove, White Florals, Coconut supported with bottom notes of Vanilla, Sweet Raspberry, Light Musk

Montego Bay – The invigorating tropical scent of lemon and lime with warm vanilla & amber on a lush base of coconut, mandarin & sweet orange.

Moroccan Spice – Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combine with a rich blend of sticky honey, nutmeg and bergamot scents. Woody base notes of agar-wood and sandalwood add earthy depth.

Musk Sticks – Finally the best musk stick lolly fragrance on the market. Let the strong aroma invoke your child hood memories of playing and having fun. If you haven’t tried this musk your simply missing out on the best quality musk soy candle this side of the black stump.

Orange Blossom – Orange Blossoms, the flowers of orange trees, are attractive and enticingly aromatic. It’s sweet, citrusy, fresh, and romantically pleasant. Orange blossom flowers have long been associated with good fortune and are commonly used in bridal bouquets. Sensual and uplifting.

Persian Spice – Sandalwood and patchouli create a base for clove bud and cardamom in this exotic, spicy blend.

Pineapple Mango – A fusion of ripened pineapple and mangoes equals a tropical paradise.

Pineapple Temptation – Just like biting into a juicy slice of pineapple – with notes of palm leaf and fresh cut citrus and the sweetness of fresh pineapple, mandarin, orange zest and coconut.

Pomegranate – A wonderful aroma of freshly sliced pomegranate.

Ripe Raspberry – Sun ripened summer raspberries, juicy and sweet with creamy vanilla and hints of lemon, green apple and cherry.

Rose Petals – A garden of red roses blooms from this artistically designed floral bouquet.

Sandalwood Vanilla – A soft floriental with warmth added from warm amber, smooth woods & creamy vanilla and core accented with bergamot, orchid & jasmine

Satin Sheets – Strong Oriental bouquet of kumquat, lily, patchouli and cassis giving an “edible” effect on a background of amber and musk.

Sea Spice – A masculine ocean scent with fresh top notes of ozone (“fresh air”) and citrus lead to strong middle notes of sea kelp, champagne, and salty air. This is completed with soft notes of driftwood, musk, and just a hint of Indonesian clove oil.

Sex on the Beach – This festive mix is based on the popular drink. Reminiscent of the tropics this gorgeous scent blends sweet fruit notes of mandarin, peach, apricot, and cranberry

Sugar Cookie – Filling your nose with the homely & delicious scent of fresh baked sugar cookies, as if they were straight from the oven.

Sweet Lemongrass – An invigorating aroma of lemongrass sweetened with a dash of citrus lemon and a hint of lime to create a vibrantly refreshing fragrance.

Sweet pea and Vanilla – An English garden that captures the very essence of sweet and floral elegance. Light and airy. BEST SELLER!

Tuttie Fruitie – A delicious blend of berries, orange peel and citrus, middle notes of coconut, vanilla and banana with base notes of ozonic

Warm Vanilla Musk – Delectable creamy vanilla and sweet brown sugar mix together to complete this yummy treat!

Wine and Roses – Two decadent scents combine – both familiar but in perfect harmony, the rich heady aroma of red wine blended with the floral elegance of red rose.

Zesty Tangerine Guava – The summertime beach feel of the aquatic notes combine well with zesty fruit peel in this fragrance. With added peony, geranium, violet and fresh blossoms.

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