Magnesium Oil


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60ml Bottle…safe for aircraft travel.

Karma Kandles Magnesium Oil is an ultra pure magnesium product containing a high concentration of 100% naturally occurring magnesium chloride and other trace minerals, drawn from the ancient Zechstein Sea and applied topically for rapid absorption of magnesium into the cells.


It is preferable to apply Magnesium Oil to clean skin, as cosmetic products can hinder uptake of magnesium ions by the skin.

  • For best results, apply Magnesium liberally to arms and legs to ensure a large enough surface area for absorption.
  • If you experience some slight skin irritation, dilute Karma Kandles Magnesium Oil with 1 part water to make a 50% strength solution.
  • Eight sprays of Karma Kandles Magnesium Oil deliver approximately 100 mg of elemental magnesium onto the skin.


When applying magnesium oil at full strength, avoid direct contact with eyes, mucus membranes, and other sensitive areas such as your face. If redness or irritation occurs, rinse with cool water.

Magnesium oil is a transdermal magnesium supplement, designed to deliver magnesium through the skin, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for convenient, rapid absorption into the cells.

Please Note: After application you may notice a slight salt-like mineral residue remaining when the solution dries. This is normal, especially in dry climates or heated indoor areas, and varies with the amount of magnesium oil applied at one time.

If you would like to avoid this mineral residue, simply apply magnesium oil 20 minutes prior to showering each day. After 20 minutes, the majority of the magnesium ions will have been absorbed and you may rinse the solution off during normal showering or bathing. You may also choose to remove the mineral residue after 20 minutes by wiping the skin with a damp washcloth.

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